Norton explains how the Bamital threat works, and how you can make sure you are not infected by this click fraud malware.
Bamital bites the dust A threat called Bamital has been using a cybercrime technique called click fraud to intercept Web search results and redirect users to potentially dangerous sites. Click fraud is a scheme that uses malware to force users to click on certain advertisements or websites in order to generate revenue. Symantec and Norton have recently partnered with Microsoft to stop these click fraud operations and eliminate the Bamital threat. Although we have stopped the threat, infected users may experience some side effects of a Bamital infection, specifically with disrupted Web search results. Symantec and Norton have been monitoring the Bamital attacks, and have generated ways to protect users from this threat. Here are the important facts:
  • Norton security customers with the latest virus definitions are protected.
  • If your machine is infected, your Web search results will send you to pages you didn't intend to visit.
  • Running a scan with a Norton security product will remove Bamital infections and restore Web search functionality.
  • Norton Power Eraser can also remove infections and is free to download here.
For more technical information about the Bamital threat and click fraud, visit the Security Response blog. And to make sure your Stuff is safe, take a look at some of the award-winning PC protection Norton offers. Shop Now