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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I buy Norton Online Backup?

Your one-year subscription for Norton Online Backup provides 25 gigabytes (GB) of secured, online storage space for your digital content. Easy annual subscription renewal helps ensure you remain protected.

My computer hard drive is over 100 GB. How can I ensure I have enough storage for my digital content?

Great question! A significant amount of the space on your hard drive is occupied by your computer's operating system and applications which you don't need to backup. Norton Online Backup intelligently searches for and backs up the file types important to you - photos, music, movies, email and other important computer files - making sure you are backing up the data you really need.

What does 25 GB of storage really mean?

25 GB of storage represents a lot of data as demonstrated by the table below. If you need additional storage at any time, it's easy to purchase directly from your account.

I use an external hard drive to backup my computer. Why do I need online backup?

Local backup is a good solution, but it doesn't offer protection in the case of a disaster such as a fire, flood or theft. Nor, does it offer the flexibility to share your files quickly and easily with family, friends and colleagues. Norton Online Backup works anywhere you have an Internet connection and protects up to 5 computers from a single account.

How long does it take for Norton Online Backup to backup my important computer files?

After the initial backup of your system which may take anywhere from a few hours to days to complete depending on the amount of data being stored, subsequent backups usually complete in a matter of minutes if performed on a daily basis. Norton Online Backup always runs in the background letting you use your computer normally during the backup process.

How does Norton protect my data?

Norton stores your data in professionally managed, state-of-the-art data centers overseen 24/7/365. All of your files are encrypted to the highest industry standard and your account is password protected.

What type of files does Norton Online Backup protect?

Norton Online Backup backs up the most popular word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and PDF file formats typically associated with desktop productivity applications, photos, financial files such as those from Quicken and Microsoft Money, contacts and Internet favorites. Additional file categories such as music, video and email are easily added to your backups and you can specify other file types through Norton Online Backup's easy-to-use interface.

How is online backup different from online storage?

Online storage typically lets you create online folders where you manually copy files that you want to be able to access via an Internet connection. Online backup stores copies of your data in a secured online environment through an automated, scheduled process that intelligently finds the files you want to backup based on your settings.